Day 36: 100 Days Challenge - Slow Down Your Eating

I know I haven't updated yesterday yet.  I will later on.

I am at the point where I tend to fall off most programs or commitments that I make.  I had an absolutely terrible day food-wise yesterday.  It's like my inner brat heard me say that I was going to keep track of my intake and she threw a complete and utter hissy fit. It was a very scary thing.  And, reflective of my inner chaos, the house needs immediate attention.  I am going to clean the kitchen and head for my workout.  Today is a strength training day so it's a video.  Back later.

*********Evening Update*********
I never got to my workout today.  I started in the kitchen and then decided to do a complete surface declutter.  It is amazing what that does for my spirit.  I took Deb's advice and gave myself a day off. My kitchen looks like something out of a House Beautiful magazine and my food has been in its place today.  Inner chaos affects outer chaos and vice versa.  The rest of the house is still a wreck, but I can walk in my nice clean kitchen and smile.  I even made a new lamp for the windowsill.

Today's reading from 100 Days of Weight Loss is called "Slow Down Your Eating."
Continuing on from yesterday, Ms Spangle says we may become irritated with the "eating pause" because we still want the rest of our food. She suggests slowing down our eating. That makes sense to me because we don't just eat out of hunger, we also eat because we like the taste of food. But one slow bite can take the place of several fast bites and offer just as much satisfaction. These last two tools will take practice, especially if you are a compulsive eater who is used to shoveling in food to shut out bad feelings.

I am proud of myself that even though I skipped a day of working out, I did something to make myself feel terrific and it didn't involve food! Go me!


  1. Mary.............BREATHE......just breathe. You do not have to be perfect. One bad day or even a couple bad days will not ruin what you've created. Just because you've worked out this schedule you want your body to follow does not mean its gonna listen. I KNOW none of my new healthy habits became habits in three weeks. Some i still struggle with like the chocolate/icecream monster.

    You knew this was gonna be hard. You knew there were gonna be ups and downs but '!QUIT! is no longer in your vocabulary. Rest if you must but don't you quit!Give yourself permission to take a day or two off. Then exercise your ability to get back on the wagon. You'll be building selfconfidence. ((HUGS))

  2. Hang in there....if you have any stubborn bones use them...!!!lol Blessings, Dianntha

  3. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! First off, it IS movement. Second , it is satisfaction from SOMETHING OTHER THAN FOOD. Third, it is a move that everyone in the house will benefit from. You made a GREAT choice !