Day 38: 100 Day Challenge - Food as Power

Today is a strength training day so it's off to the living room.
Will update later.
Okay, I did 13 minutes of strength training. The guys decided that today is remodel the bathroom day and they make me nervous. But I got some good upper arm lifting done.

Today's reading from "100 Days of Weight Loss" is Food as Power. It about how eating a huge amount of food may make us feel powerful. This chapter really doesn't speak to me all that much. When I eat too much food, I feel anything but powerful.

From the "Beck Diet Solution" book. Stay in control when eating out. This is a very practical topic and the best tools to combat overeating when eating out are planning, anticipating, and practicing. Plan what you'll eat. Anticipate any sabotaging thoughts which may try to creep in. Practice exercising your "resistance" muscle.


  1. Wow..a bathroom reno??? You lucky thing! After the mess you will be happy. We are getting some new carpeting but nothing as exciting as you!
    Sounds like your 100 days are going great.

  2. Ooooops, not sure what happened to my other post, but as I said, the kitchen remodel was the huge thing.

    We didn't do a lot to the house as the kids were growing up because we didn't have the time or the money.

    The bathroom is probably the last remodel we'll do. The rest of the house is pretty good.