Day 45: 100 Days Challenge - Food-important or not?

This last week I have really found myself losing focus. As I have written in previous posts, chaos is the hardest thing for me to deal with. Between the bathroom remodel (which IS a good thing, but chaotic), our on again - off again internet connection, and the approach of Holy Week, I just feel things slipping way out of my control. I would do well to take control in the one area I can, but I am really struggling. I am going to have to do what I do with Flylady stuff. Focus on very small things. Today I am going to focus on today. I know that's what I should be doing all the time, but I get distracted very easily. For today I am going to focus on the things I CAN take charge of and kind of let the other stuff take care of itself. I know that when the bathroom is done, things will be much better. Not only will we have a terrific bathroom, but the other rooms can then be cleared out too.

I didn't workout today, but I am going to try and get something in later. Clay and Claire are coming this afternoon. They love to play outside. I can get some walking in then.

Today's reading from 100 Days of Weight Loss is about the importance of food in our lives. Do we think about it constantly? Ms Spangle suggests setting aside specific times in the day when food is important.

How often during the day do I think about food? More than I should. I deliberately put off breakfast because I'm afraid once I start eating, I won't be able to stop. Lately I have been saying a short prayer along with grace "Please God, let this be enough." I often feel guilty because I know there are people in the world who won't have enough, so I often buy food for the St. Vincent de Paul cupboard at church. My overeating is not going to feed a hungry person, but perhaps setting aside funds to contribute to help someone else can help heal my issues with food.


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