Day 46 and 47: 100 Days Challenge

Good morning.
Again I am behind on my blogging, but I WILL catch up sometime today. Still struggling, but finding my way out of the muddle. Once the stress of the bathroom and Easter is behind me, I am guessing that things will be a little easier. That persistant inner brat of mine is nagging me to put everything on hold until then, but I'm not listening. Remember my post of a couple days ago about "the right time." It's always the right time. I could put things on hold until after Easter and then be tempted to veer off track until the next stressor is past. There are always stressors in our lives. I can't keep using those as excuses.

Today is going to be one of those intensely stressful days. For today I am going to have to maintain focus hour by hour.

Back later.

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