Day 33: 100 Days Challenge - The Fullness Scale

I did the Firm Total Sculpt video again.  Ouch.  I am still feeling the burn from the other day!  Yesterday was not a very good day and I am really glad I was able to contain my food to the four meals.  Yesterday, when Clay and Claire were here, we played with the Wii Fit Plus.  Claire is going to be a fitness freak. She loves carrots and celery and she loves games where you are moving around.  She's only 3.

Today's reading from "100 Days of Weight Loss" is about knowing when you are full.  The hunger scale used negative numbers.  The fullness scale uses positive numbers.  Ms. Spangle goes into great detail describing the changes you feel in your abdomen when you are full.  I find this very valuable.  The hunger thing - I can tell when that's happening, but fullness is more elusive to me.  The scale goes like this:

0     Neutral, not hungry, not full
+1  Satisfied, comfortable, just right
+2   Too full, a little uncomfortable
+3   Stuffed, miserable

I am glad to say that I have not had the +3 feeling in a very long time.  It used to be a nightly occurrence.  The goal is to stop eating at a +1.  My difficulty will be in distinguishing between a +1 and a +2.  I need to work a bit on that.

Today's topic from the "Beck Diet Solution" is about responding to sabotaging thoughts.  Yep, this is an area that I find very interesting because as I said in the beginning of the challenge, all action is preceded by thought.  There are times when we feel sorry for ourselves when we can't have what we want when we want it.  The response to sabotaging thoughts is "Oh, Well."  Dr. Beck translates this as, "I don't like this but I'm going to accept it and move on." 


  1. Just hang in there, you are doing great. It is true, you have to think about food and what not to eat every minute...stay can do this!! Blessings, Dianntha

  2. Hi Dianntha,
    Thank you so much for your support! I went to check out your blog - for some reason I couldn't see it the other day. We have lots in common. I love to quilt, I love Anne of Green Gables, I love most Christian artists, but my favorite is Selah. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  3. Dr. Beck is exactly right on this one. You can't be wishy washy. The decision has been made. I often find myself feeling sorry for myself about food. What i can and cannot have.Probably especially cause i'm exposed alot to that food still as my hubby has not changed his eating habits. But the fact that it was my decision to take this journey , that i was not forced into it by some medical condition gives me quite a bit of strength. Its not that i don't allow myself treats....i do. But i limit them and space them out and no is NO. And the more you exercise that 'no gene' the easier it gets. Honest.