Day 34: 100 Days Challenge - Listen Accurately

Today started out great.  After putzing around, I finally did my workout.  I jogged over to Sam and Kelli's to pick up some coupons and then I went to the deadend and on home.  There was a time when I could run that whole way.  I have really backslid.  But I have nipped the backslide in the bud.  I was thinking as I ran, that it was just possible that I would not be able to run the whole way in the Syrup 5K - but you know what?  That's okay.  It's doing it that matters.  And who knows, now that it's getting warmer, I can get outside more and can build up my endurance again.  Either way, I'm doing that 5K.  I've told too many people, and more importantly, I have committed to myself to do it.

Today's reading from "100 Days of Weight Loss" is about accurately gauging when you are full.  Ms Spangle says that listening to your brain (the 20 minute rule) is not the answer.  It's about how your stomach feels.  She advises to think of that stuffed feeling as uncomfortable (and it is) and to set a goal of never letting yourself feel that way again.

In the Beck Diet Solution, Dr. Beck talks about the "it's not fair" syndrome.  This one is really an inner brat issue.  We need to decide who's running the show, Little Mary Ann, or Big Mary who doesn't like living in a body that makes her uncomfortable. 

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