Day 44: Hundred Days Challenge - It's not the right time

I think it's time to start setting a limit on food. Because I am a compulsive eater, it is very hard for me to stay on track without some accountability with regard to amounts. I am going to use the points system to keep accountable - not because I think points have more magic than calories, but because they are easier to keep track of and encourage the eating of more fiber. I have acquired and electronic points calculator that is very cool.

I didn't get a workout in today. The first half of the day I was having a terrible pain in my knee, but it got better as the day went on. I had kids all day, but I still could have gotten a workout in outside playing with them. I am also finding myself stress eating. That needs to be addressed.


From "100 Days of Weight Loss" is It's Not the right Time. We all know that one, don't we. It's why we always start diets on Monday, and we re-start every Monday all through the year until January 1 when we start all over. My inner brat keeps popping up - especially when I slip - insisting that I just let go and start again tomorrow. This is one of the biggest challenges I face.


  1. The points system has served many people well on their weight loss journey, so it is a good move. Any tool that helps us get a handle on things is a useful tool ! Playing with the kids can definitely be exercise- and a lot more fun than most gym equipment !Not the right time has never been one of my issues. My brain seems to say if I am breathing it is the right time.While this mas seem like a good thing, it can DEFINITELY get one into trouble in other ways !
    A thought on the stress eating- and this may seem a little out there- but have you ever considered trying to use something like the old discipline of "ejaculations" in times of stress ( I hate using the word because it is used in other more well known contexts- but it is the system of repetition of a short prayer like "Jesus , Mary, Joseph, I love yo0u, save souls" over and over again). Some have found a meditative technique to be helpful for this but others get really turned off to the idea of meditation or affirmations because they are too "new age". A practice of an ejaculation could be very helpful for you. Off the top of my head , something like "Be Still and know I am God"would be appropriate. It's just a thought that came to mind as I was reading your post. Keep going ! You are making a lot of small steps towards who you want to be and eventually they will add up to be a gigantic leap forward !

  2. Thanks so much, Diane. I am familiar with the term ejaculation as it relates to prayer. I use the Jesus prayer and most times it helps me. When it doesn't it's because I am not really focusing on it. Your comments are always so thoughtful and right on target. I really value your input.

  3. It seems that learning to focus, no matter what we choose to do , is indeed the tricky part ! There are many suggestions to help with this from all different corners, all valid, but for each of us that one tool that resonates deep inside of us can be a real quest to find ! There is no shame in having an approach fail- it's just not the right fit for us ! It can be a lot of fun trying things out, just so long as we do not dwell on the idea that we have somehow failed. We are just like a mis-matched sock, and eventually the mate( perfect match) will turn up if wee keep doing laundry !