Day 35: 100 Days Challenge - The Eating Pause

Today is weigh-in day and the news is not good.  I'm up 2.2 pounds. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed about it.  I would also be lying if I said I didn't know why. Food wise it was not a good week.  Oh, I stayed within the four meals, but that's about it.  But then, that was the commitment.  Anyway, even though it hasn't been 21 days of the four meal thing, I am going to move on to the next phase.  That is to write everything down - not limit it just yet, but write it down.  I am not going to let today's non-victory at the scale deter me. I think today's workout will be a fun one with the Wii Fit.

On a positive note, I have consistantly worked out every single day.  (Oy am I feeling it.)

Here's Breakfast:
Cafe latte
1/2 grapefruit
3 small eggs  (home grown, no less)
1/2 oz sunflower seed bread

This is going to be a tough week because everything in me rebels at having to keep track of food. But . . . it's really the only way to get a true picture of what's going on.  Off to the Wii.  Will update later.

Today's reading from 100 Days of Weight Loss - The Eating Pause
Ms Spangle says that there is almost always a time when we pause in our eating. It is a natural occurance and we need to be aware that it happens, otherwise we might miss it. She says that this pause almost always occurs at the exact time when we've had enough to eat. Some people push their plates away, others pause and then resume eating - usually because it's there. Interesting.

Today Dr. Beck talks about identifying sabotaging thoughts. This is not quite as simple as it sounds. A sabotaging thought disguises its negativity in a coating of sweetness that sometimes - to be honest- we are all to willing to buy into. We need to be on our guard.


  1. It is a process, and big changes do not happen over night. Yes, ,it is maddening and depressing to see that number creep up, but keep in mind it is just a number. It only holds the power that we allow it to have, and nothing more. Yes it is an indicator of our gravitational pull on this planet and an alleged indicator of our health risks. The Queen of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds are an indicator of something called Pinochle, but you win according to the meld points in your hand and not simply possessing these. A piece of music done in the major scale with a lot of arpeggios indicates a bright peace but add the words"nobody knows the trouble I've seen" and the affect is gone. Indicators do not make the whole picture ! You are on a road to change your life, and you are getting down the habits that will take you there. It's like any other skill- you need the discipline before the artistry is created. You do not become a good musician without playing scales, you do not become a good cook without learning how to read and measure or count time. That is , ,in a sense what you are doing with these skills, and they are not to be brushed off as nothing. You ARE making progress ! That is what counts. It's a new week, and you will be able to spend a brand new 7 days refining your habits and skills. It will be a good one !

  2. Diane, you always leave such thoughtful comments! I totally agree. Changes made overnight tend to last just that long. :)

  3. Its sooo hard to keep a food diary and i only did it for say the first six months. It really did help. I counted calories too . Are you going to do that eventually?? And try to stay within a range??

    Don't you worry about that number. Right now its not about the number its about getting your head screwed on straight. Right??Your making great progress! deb

  4. I hate hate hate having to write down every bite. I have a program I can log it into, but I even hate that! My inner brat screams at the thought.