Day 51: 100 Days Challenge - What is emotional eating?

I'm strapped for time this morning, but am popping in to report a loss of 2.2 pounds for this week. Ditching the sugar seems to have paid off - and it was fairly painless. I'm off to try out our new shower!!!! Updates later.

Update: Our new shower is fantastic. Our new bathroom is fantastic. I never imagined it would turn out so beautifully!!

100 Days of Weight Loss - What is emotional eating?
Emotional eating: Eating when you aren't hungry or in need of nutrition. Period! Boredom, stress, depression, joy, enjoyment - all of it is emotional eating. Emotional eating is my biggest problem with food. Actually, it is really my only problem with food (other than blood sugar issues which would probably resolve themselves if I got the weight off.) If I could conquer this I most likely would not have a weight problem.

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