Day 52: 100 Days Challenge - Food is an instant fix

Got up this morning and got in 25 minutes outside. I've been using Calorie King instead of Diet Power lately because I like the "good job" aspect and the tracking. I was one of the early subscribers so my cost is about $20.00 a year. Calorie King has you set a goal of so many minutes of exercise per week. I opted for 210 minutes a week. Tomorrow I won't get a workout in because I am going to Saginaw for the Chrism Mass. Talk about emotional eating. Tonight I am sitting on my hands. I am leading a couple of acclamations. When I started in the choir I was about 60 pounds lighter. So, besides being nervous about being up at the microphone, I am also stressed about how I look. But I need to remember, this is not going to be a shocker to anyone. It's not like I was a sylph last year. What I am doing is being as organized as I can about the things I CAN control. I have my music ready to go. I have my other liturgical issues taken care of. I have a to-do list for tonight. I have my dress pressed and ready to go. We wear black and white. I had a very nice suit, but the pants were too tight. Those pants are going to be a short-term "fit into" goal. I am doing a lighter workout tonight with a Leslie Sansone video to make up for missing tomorrow's workout. The bathroom is pretty much finished so that stressor is gone. I have the living room straightened up and dusted. I did a little bit of decluttering - not much, the dusting was more urgent.

Today's topic is "Food is an instant fix."
The sub-topics are Procrastinate and Escape and Eating to Avoid Life. These are two of the main emotional reasons I eat. I smoked for the same reasons.  A job was too big and I didn't want to get started so I'd light a cigarette and pour a cup of coffee.  I would finish the cigarette, but still had half a cup of coffee, so I'd light another cigarette.  I'd finish the coffee but still have half a cigarette left.  And so on and so on.  I quit smoking and guess what took its place.

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