Day 39: 100 Days Challenge - Flavor or Texture

I'm behind, I know. It's been a bit of a zoo here. Workouts are still taking place daily. Will catch up as soon as I can.

Just a quick update and then I'll be back. Harold and I went up town today to pick out some things for the bathroom remodel. We stopped to eat on the way home. I paid very close attention to inner promptings about how much to eat. I started lunch with a cup of clam chowder. I ordered a fish sandwich and fries. I ate all of the clam chowder, maybe 10 fries, and half the fish that was in the sandwich. I could actually feel the +1 level when I reached it. I stopped eating and that was it. Whoo hoo! Now I didn't care all that much for the fish, but I love french fries so this was a true non-scale victory!! Food has power? Nooooooooo, I got de powa!!!!!!!!

Today's reading from 100 Days of Weight Loss is about identifying what it is you enjoy about a certain food - flavor or texture? The author suggests that if crunch is what you want, something other than chips may give you that. I think for me it is a combination of flavor AND texture.


  1. Took a two hour walk inspired me!!!lol Dianntha

  2. Good for you....we ordered a pizza and after two pieces I was full but then later was so uncomfortable...I will not be eating pizza again. It has been a while since I felt like that and I really don't like it....Thanks for sharing. Dianntha

  3. Woman you haven't posted in TWO days......don't think i'm not watching! LOL! ((HUGS)) An art blog is doing an article on my artwork I'll send you the link when it comes up! I'm so excited. My 15 seconds of fame! :) You! You just keep putting one foot in front of the other!