Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I'm late to the party today. I had a service this morning and then some work to do when I got home. I didn't work out yet but will be taking a run on the treadmill in a bit and watching the first part of "Loser" which I missed last night.

In the Catholic Church this is a day of fast and abstinence. That means no meat or poultry. The fasting consists of one main meal and 2 smaller meals that together are less than the main meal. If I did that every day, why, I'd be skinny. What do you know? Of course, that is not the purpose of fasting - to emerge at Easter in a new skinny body. The purpose is to remember that there are people in the world who fast everyday - it's not a choice, it's a condition of their lives. Kind of puts things into perspective.

Daily stats:
Type: Treadmill
Route: Strength training and cardio
Time: 30 minutes
Average heart rate: 121
Max heart rate: 136

Calories burned: 221
Up 1.8 pounds from last Wednesday
Started workout at 4:15
Temp: 36 degrees


  1. That explains all the cars around the Catholic church today. I forgot about Lent beginning.
    I appreciate your explaining about it.

  2. The Orthodox fast is no animal products all through the 40 days... that means not only no meat (including fish), but no cheese, butter, milk, or eggs until Easter. Also, nothing that is mentioned in the Bible as being celebratory, so no oil or alcohol (even to cook with)... oh, and no leavened bread.

    There are times I find myself going back to that not for the religious symbolism, but for the health effects.