Emotional eating

Good morning losers,
I had a bit of a setback last night. No, I didn't get into the sugar, but I did succumb to some stress eating. I had a confrontation last night with someone who makes me really nervous. This person was supposed to call last night and continue the conversation. I decided that I was not going to answer the phone. I came home and started in on pistachio nuts and ended with lowcarb cheesecake. I am furious with myself for allowing someone to get to me that way. However, the large bag of M&Ms that are sitting on the back ledge? I never gave them a thought. This person never did call, but emailed me last night and said he/she would be calling me this morning.

The thing that bothers me about this whole situation is that I am a coward. I woke up this morning and emailed the person. Haven't heard from him/her so far today. I have a very hard time confronting people unless I am very angry. That needs to stop. I should be able to voice my feelings in a way that doesn't hurt other people instead of coming home and hurting myself with food. Because I didn't get into the sugar, I won't have to deal with cravings etc today so I can learn from last night and then put it behind me.

This morning I signed up for My Fitness Pal. It's a pretty cool site. I have an offline tracker that I use, but I like this one too.

Well, I am off to workout. Another late start today!

Daily stats:
Type: Treadmill with weights
Route: Manual controls
Time: 30
Average heart rate: 123
Max heart rate: 147

Calories burned:219
Down .6 pounds from last Wednesday
Got on the treadmill at 10:15 - way too late
Temp: 35 degrees

Not much to say about Biggest Loser last night. I feel like Shanon really wanted to stay, but deferred to her mother. It's not the route I would have taken, but what can you say? I am impressed that there seems to be more caring and compassion this season. The group dynamics are definitely different than last time. My favorite season, however, was the one that Alli Vincent won.


  1. The thing about emotional or stress eating is that we have to find another, better outlet. Find something you enjoy and throw yourself into it when you go reaching for food. Me? I like to keep books around and will pick one up when I find myself visiting the kitchen a bit too often. Another thing I'll do is take a walk outside. Being alone with my thoughts AND exercising helps clear the ol' mind. Sometimes I'll put the mp3 player on and dance around like a maniac. Anything to keep me away from the food!

    I use myfitnesspal too. I've had some issues with the site being down at times, but I do like it.

  2. This was more like "panic" eating, but the principles are the same. I have given this person way too much power - I'm almost hoping he calls today. We need to get some things straight. On second thought, I may call him. I may lose my job, but I've had enough.

  3. Big plus is you at least stuck with foods that were on your program during the binge. Yes, you go over your levels, but you will not have to start back at ground zero to re-adjust your body to the low carb lifestyle.

    For some weird reason I am not an emotional eater, but an emotional cleaner. When things really bug me I start scrubbing the billy blue blazes out of any surface. However, when i get tired or feel like I am weak, I get this neurotic need to eat everything in sight because as a child I was always told Go0od eaters are strong people. When I went through weight loss years ago I learned about this weird motivation and kept a balloon filled with rice on me, and when i felt the need to be strong, I would squeeze it and tell myself I was building muscle. It worked. Sadly, the manic cleaning is a good thing, so I am really hard pressed to get myself to quit that one. Bad thing is I will forget to eat while in the cleaning bouts and then find myself uncontrollably physically hungry if I don't force myself to stop.

    Be strong, follow your gut feeling as to what you should do and know it is for a reason.

  4. I'm also a coward in the whole confrontation regard. I am a huge extrovert and have NO problem going into a room full of strangers and making friends; but if I have to have a "talk" with someone and I think it's going to be super uncomfortable, I avoid it. And I hate that about myself. I try to avoid drama, but somehow it follows me. What's a girl to do?

  5. I avoid confrontations at all costs. So i understand what your saying. Its not a trait i'am proud of. I too am an emotional eater. Some people can't eat when they are upset. Ugghh! To be like that! I think you did really well channeling it to acceptable food choices though. Even if you ate too much at least you stayed in the ballpark!I like the dynamics on the Biggest Loser this season too. They all seem to care about each other and its not so cut throat. Jinx!