I love Thursdays - unless it's staff meeting day.

I got up early and did a 30 minute stint on the Wii. I would have preferred to use the treadmill, but I thought DH was going to use it. Most mornings it wouldn't matter because I can just wait until he's done, but today I had a staff meeting. That's okay. I'm just glad I did something. :) It is supposed to warm up this weekend and I am hoping to get outside for my cardio.


  1. mmm, good job coming up with an alternative to get moving....even if it wasn't necessary in the end. bet that made the meeting go easier.

  2. Congrats on making your plan fit in with the doings of your day ! And let's here it for warmer weather- it is supposed to hit 50 here on Saturday. Compared to the temps this past week, that is officially Bikini weather !