I actually like Mondays . . . now that I'm semi-retired.

We are closing in on the end of February and winter's last hurrah. Traditionally, we get hit with one last storm around St. Paddy's Day. Maybe mother nature will give us a break this year since we were so patient with the really cold temps.

Today is a strength training day so I popped in a Firm video, "Total Sculp plus Abs."
I didn't do the whole thing. I skipped the leg presses and the last part of the video. I did the squats, step, low impact cardio, hammer curls, and other weight stuff. That was followed by 10 minutes of Yoga with Tillie. Tillie says I've reached my next Wii Fit goal, but my scale said otherwise. I am a little looser with meals on Sundays so I know that there is some water weight there. I do need to remind myself to eat something before my workout on strength days. I was a little nauseated.

Daily stats:
Type: Video - Firm Total Sculpt plus Abs
Route: Living room
Time: 30
Average heart rate: 117
Max heart rate: 147

Calories burned: 286
Up .4 pounds from last Monday
Started workout at 9:15
Temp: 17 frigid degrees

I have a ton of stuff to do today including a trip to the post office. Saturday Harold made dinner (lunch for city folk) for a bunch of people. Due to the snow and slush a lot of mud was tracked in. I am grateful that it was confined to the laundry room. They tried to help out by taking off their boots downstairs. Unfortunately, that spread the mud to the stairs and the front part of my work area. They did try though and better the stairs than the living room and dining room carpet. But, it needs to be cleaned up today.


  1. Good job getting that workout in!

  2. I'm with you, go away cold weather! Sooo tired of it.

    I was VERY loose with supper yesterday. I didn't even jump on the scale today. EEK!