Being a grandma is the best thing ever!

I'm having a grandma day today. I knew I had to get my rear in gear and get that workout in before they got here. When they arrived, Clay got set up with his "crafting cart," and Claire and Grandma played with the Wii Fit. We're trying to unlock the "fire game" on Claire's account. The fire game is actually a balance game where you stare at a flame and stay as still as you can.

Let's fast forward a bit. It is naptime. I just went in to check on them. Hmmmmm!

I told them they'd better get their rest because Grandpa will be coming home to play "chase" with them.

Daily stats:

Type: Treadmill with weights
Route: Manual controls
Time: 30
Average heart rate: 119
Max heart rate: 151

Calories burned: 218
Down 1.8 pounds from last Thursday
Got on the treadmill at 9:30 - still a little later than I'd like but getting better
Temp: 18 degrees

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