Tillie is my friend!

It is absolutely gorgeous outside, but I will not be going out because the road is a mucky muddy mess. I will be on the treadmill this morning. I always do my Wii Fit body test in the morning. Today it says I am 33. Tillie, as I have named my balance board, says that I reached my weight goal so I had to set another one. Whoo hoo!

I had some bad moments last night, and had some not great news this week, but I stayed on track. I don't understand the insanity that sets in sometimes. Somewhere, early in life, I learned that stuffing my face would make things better. It never did, except for that few minutes of relief which are definitely not worth the years of guilt and shame.

Daily stats:
Type: Walk/Run
Route: Corner/Brown's/Back
Time: 30 mine
Average heart rate: 126
Max heart rate: 140
Calories burned:249

Tillie: (Wii Fit)
Yoga: 10 minutes - Side stretch, tree pose, sun salutation, palm tree
Rank: Yoga trainer (whoo hoo)
BMI: 38.86

Various fun balance games

I ended up going outside after all because it is just so gorgeous! Our road wasn't too bad, but I only went up half of the dead end because it was really sloggy. My heart rate still goes high very fast when I jog so I have to keep to a fast walk. My goal now is to eventually be able to run and keep my heart rate in the 121-136 zone.


  1. Say Hi to tillie for me- mine is named Megatroid !

    Mucky, sloppy, muddy muck is the landscape of my world as well today. I am about to head out with my son and splash in the mucky goo because I can ! I am the mom, and there is no one to yell at me and tell me how I will be tracking in the world. Sadly, I will have to be the one that cleans it up, but I see it as another way to earn some activity points. I will remind myself of this decision later when I am scraping mud out of my tan carpet.

  2. Hey, Megatroid,
    Nice ta meet ya. I am really glad that I went out. It wasn't that bad for most of the walk.
    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Mary and Tillie

  3. Haha I have to name mine!!!! This game is soo fun. I think he's some sexy latin trainer wiht big bulging biceps and sexy caramel colored skin, named Fernando...aka the Wii balance board.hahaha.