Pluggin' along - hangin' in there

I don't know what to think of Biggest Loser last night. I think it was a mistake to send Dane home at this point. Yes, when they go to individual competition, he will be a threat, but until that time he can keep the team above the yellow line. I am baffled. I really thought Ron was going home. Oh well, never a dull moment on that show.

Every morning I check in with Wii Tillie. Today she says I am 38 years old.

Daily stats:
Workout: Wii Fit

Route: Living room
Time: 45 minutes
Average heart rate: 111
Max heart rate: 142

Calories burned: 297
Up .6 pounds from last Thursday
Started workout at: 10:00
Temp: 29 degrees


  1. I'm with YOU on the BL... they're nuts and made a bad decision. But I'm happy that Mike gets to keep his dad in the house. I think they mave a bit of a codependency issue.

  2. I missed the show last night. Thanks for the update