Jack Frost - ya better skidaddle! (sp?)

Well, the storm is behind us. Harold missed Mass this morning because he had to plow our road so people could get out. (People, being me. I can't miss Mass - I'm the music person -I go later in the morning).

Here is this week's weigh-in - I know you've all been waiting with baited breath! I wrote earlier that I am participating in 2 weight loss challenges. In the one, I gained weight the first 3 weeks. I have now finally lost all of that weight and then some, so from now on I will be showing a net loss. It's amazing that now that I have no "bargaining" room when it comes to sugar and limiting my carbs, I am so much freer. Self-sabotage takes a lot of energy and I don't care to waste any more energy on that kind of thing anymore.

And here is one of the projects that kept me out of the food this week. (If you read my other blog, this is old news.)

This quilt if for my little Clairy-bear. She is so excited. She wanted to take it home the other day, but it wasn't finished. I have a little more quilting to do on it, and I need to finish sewing the binding down. Then she can take it home and put it on her big girl bed. When I told her I was going to make a quilt I asked her what she wanted. "Pink!" She loves pink. Big brother Clayton seemed to think he had a vote in the matter and declared that it needed some green. Claire liked that idea. She also wanted "hots." That's "hearts" in Claire-speak. I have tons of quilting books, but this pattern came off the internet and was a freebie. It's a variation of the "railfence" and I added applique hearts in the corners. Grandpa chimed in that the quilt should also have a heart in the middle. Everyone is happy.

Tonight I will be starting another quilt for the "Prayer Quilt" group. When I arrived at Mass last night our pastor gave me the news that one of our ladies died during the week. I hadn't gotten to know her very well as I just joined the group a month ago. She was there last Monday. I'm glad that as a group we prayed with her before we disbanded that day.

I want to take a minute here to thank all the wonderful ladies who read this blog - your comments, both privately and here on the blog have really encouraged me. I haven't had time to visit other peoples' blogs this week, but tonight I am taking time out to "make the rounds."

Have a blessed Sunday all! Life is good - at any weight!


  1. Keep it up Mary...You are doing great!

  2. Yeah! You are doing so great! Doesn't it feel good to be in control?! Granted it may be easier to be out of control but self discipline is a powerful feeling. Have a great week! LOve , love the quilt. I'am saving back pockets from all our wore out old jeans and one day i will make a quilt out of them. I would love to send one pocket to each family member and have them decorate it in their personality. But i don't think many would participate. Bummer. Jinx!

  3. I love that quilt idea! Our family practically lives in jeans. One year I asked the kids to each make an ornament which would include a picture of them. That was a lot of fun, too.

  4. You are doing so good. The quilt is lovely, I'm glad you were able to accomidate everyone's wishes. Keep up the good work!

  5. I was beginning to think I'd lost my mind. I'd commented on your other blog, and when I read this blog and my comment wasn't there.....

    Some days I'm easily confused.