Gettin' in the groove

Well, this is day 6, I think, of being back on Atkins. It hasn't been bad at all. Tillie says I'm 49 today and that I am progressing nicely toward my goal. I'm in ketosis which makes everything much easier. I baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Wasn't tempted - didn't bother me. What did bother me was being presented with an early birthday gift of a 3 pound bag of M&Ms and a big box of microwave popcorn. To be fair, the person who gave them to me probably thought I would really enjoy them. And I would have - last week. In the future I will probably be able to handle them in small amounts, but right now they are both on my pooh pooh list.

On Biggest Loser last night, Blaine (I think it was Blaine - the one with the new baby) was sent home. It's strange to see the group dynamics each season. Last season I would have charactarized it as Bullies vs. Nice guys. This season they all seem to be emotionally bonded - except for Joelle who is STILL impacting the group even in absencia. Aubrey is really getting on my nerves. Last night her sister Mandi, won a challenge that allowed her to spend 24 hours with her family. Even with that distraction, she lost 6 pounds. But Aubrey, instead of being happy for her sister, was whiney and self-pitying - didn't workout as hard, and it showed on the scale. She talks a good game but she's not all that different from Joelle - well, she's not spacey like Joelle but she is becoming just as annoying. Tara is still my vote for the one who will take it all - barring game play.
Well, I'm off to workout and watch the first half hour of last night's show.

Daily stats:
Type: Treadmill with weights
Route: workout room
Time: 31 minutes
Average heart rate:121
Max heart rate: 157 (I think - grrrr, my HRM hinked up on me)
Calories burned:227
Down 4 pounds from last Wednesday
Got on the treadmll at 11:54 (gotta get goin' earlier)
Temp: 44 degrees

Okay, I saw the first part of the show where Aubrey and others threw the challenge for Mandi. I owe Aubrey an apology - but she still whined.

I need to get going on the workout earlier in the day. When I procrastinate, there is a better chance that the workout isn't going to happen.
Now I'm gonna go do some Yoga for stretching.


  1. Mary~I love M&M's with my popcorn! That is the only way to eat them both...and that is together!
    I commend you for resisting temptation! You are a very stong girl...such willpower you have!

  2. Never did eat them both together, but it sounds good. I'm not strong - it isn't even about willpower anymore. If I want to stay off insulin, I don't eat that stuff. For me it's that simple.
    Thanks for stopping by, Janene!
    Have a great day.

  3. The last time M&M's entered our house it was to be used for a school project of some kind . I think it was teaching math of some kind. My son was in a weird phase of trying to stuff things into places that they should not go , and I wound up having to fish them out of both nostrils and his right ear.Since then, any small candy reminds me of trying to hold a hysterical child still and fish them out, and for some reason I have no appetite for them. Perhaps it could help you avoid eating them if you begin to think of what a curious little kid could do with them.Now that is a diet trick no one talks about !

  4. LOL! Now there's a visual. I bought a package of green Valentine M&Ms last week (pre-diagnosis). When the kids were here, Clayton called them "green beans."

  5. I hope you passed those MM's on to someother deservng person! LOL! Wow! 4 pounds girl you are doing great! i'm so proud of you! Keep going just don't stop! Keep stringing those days together! Jinx!

  6. I am proud to say that I have not eaten any of the M&Ms. I've been on program since last Friday. Whoo hoo!